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7. 10. 2020

Outdoor Challenges | Overheating

Outdoor interactive devices face outdoor challenges, like rain, sunlight, or vandalism on a daily basis. The designers of those products have to bear in mind those challenges, and they have to adjust the device so it can perform flawlessly in the harsh outdoor environment. To make it easier for designers, integrators, and manufacturers of outdoor interactive devices, we come with the new product FORTOUCH O - PCAP screen that we adjusted to overcome outdoor challenges. 

We have already discussed the negative impact of the sunlight on the readability of the interactive device. In this article, we would like to present how we help the integrators overcome other common problems caused by the sun - overheating. 

The high temperature could significantly reduce the device's longevity and affect the touch's functionality. The overheating is a common issue for any closed electrical system because they produce heat themselves during operation. But for the outdoor interactive device, there is another strong source of heat - sun. 

Therefore for the outdoor devices, we recommend using the FORTOUCH O. FORTOUCH O uses the laminated cover glass with special protection foil, which reduces the infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) radiation and prevents the overheating and the harmful consequences, such as dysfunctional devices. With FORTOUCH O, you can also reduce the downtimes, maintenance costs, and extend the product's service life. Using the PCAP screen with IR foil is also beneficial for the operation costs, and earth because the device does not depend so much on the cooling (air-conditioning) system.