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Testing Lotus foil in real conditions

4. 3. 2022

This well-known British retailer gave us the opportunity to test our antimicrobial foil Lotus at two of its branches. Therefore, we decided to visit Prague and Olomouc. At the branch in Prague we installed Lotus on six self-service kiosks and two cash registers. At the branch in Olomouc we managed to install Lotus on two self-service kiosks and three cash registers.

Two months of stress testing brought us new insights into what we can do better to meet clients' needs. After evaluation of the results we decided to continue and run the second phase of testing with our improved foil Lotus.

We're grateful to the company Marks & Spencer for participating in the testing. We appreciate friendly communication and their effort to support the development of our product Lotus. Many thanks also belong to the company Diebold Nixdorf. Without their assistance, this wouldn't be possible!