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Water Performance

12. 8. 2020

Outdoor Challenges | Water Performance 

Designers of outdoor interactive devices must bear in mind the determinants which can influence the device's functionality, like weather conditions or potential vandalism. 

When we design the custom PCAP screen for the outdoor device (kiosk, digital signage panel), we always bear in mind factors that can affect the functionality and experience.  We evaluate the possibility of each factor's occurrence and adjust the PCAP screen to enhance its outdoor performance! 


The most common weather challenge for the outdoor interactive kiosk is the rain or water in general. Capacitive touchscreens are naturally prone to ghost (false) touches when raindrops are on the screen. Those ghost touches can be pretty annoying, and they can easily discourage the user from interacting with the device in the future.

In FORTES interactive, we always focus on the best possible touch experience for the final user. Therefore, we improve outdoor PCAP screen performance by fine-tuning the screen's firmware and adjusting the screen's cover glass. 

Firmware FinteTune

Our firmware allows as to adjust attributes (threshold, sensitivity, etc.) of the PCAP screen responsible for the touch detection. Our team of skilled developers can fine-tune the firmware, so the controller does not register water droplets as the touch. 

Hydrophobic glass coating

For the outdoor PCAP screens, we use the cover glass with a hydrophobic layer. The hydrophobic coating repels the water of the surface. As the water droplets do not stick to the cover glass surface, it decreases the chance of ghost touches occurrence and enhances the overall performance. Also, the hydrophobic layer makes it much easier to clean the surface of the PCAP screen.