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Interactive Foils

15. 7. 2021

Interactive foils are super thin PVC foils with a printed array of wires that uses projected capacitive technology (PCAP) to detect the touch! They can easily convert a glass surface into an interactive screen!

Why Interactive Touch Foils?

For a long time, the PCAP based technology used primarily ITO (Indium tin oxide) as the transparent conductive film. However, due to certain limitations, for example, size (in most applications under 32"), or volatility of the price, there has been a strong motivation to find the appropriate alternative. Interactive foils with the metal mesh or Silver NanoWires are the options that have been trying to replace the ITO on the market with interactive technologies!

What are the benefits of the Interactive Touch Foils?

Interactive Foils are becoming so popular because they offer high flexibility and low resistivity, along with high transparency and high touch sensitivity. Therefore, they can be successfully implemented to curved surfaces and utilized in various applications, where thick and often curved cover glass are required.

If you are looking for an interactive foil, we can help you to choose the right one for you and your application! Feel free to contact us!