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ARCOR - futuristic desk

2. 1. 2020

A team of researchers from VUT (Brno University of Technology) is developing and constructing futuristic workbench, called ARCOR.

ARCOR - the vision of a near-future workspace, where human and robot may safely and effectively collaborate. The main focus is on human-robot interaction and especially on robot programming - to make it feasible for any ordinary skilled worker. The interaction is based mainly on interactive spatial augmented reality - the combination of projection and a touch-sensitive surface. However, more modalities are integrated or currently under development.

The essential part of the system is touch-sensitive surface made of four millimeters strong plastic desk and FORTES interactive PCAP touch foil. As the experts on optimized PCAP technology components, we were able to meet the requirements and needs of the developers and researchers. Most of our clients combine touch foil with the glossy surface but it is not the rule. In fact, touch foil works perfectly with any conductive material.

Here you can find more information about the touch foil. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us :)