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IK10 Touch Screen

10. 9. 2019

In May 2019, we brought two different types of the FORTES touch screen to the SZÚ (Strojírenský zkušební ústav) in #brnoregion, where they were tested for the durability of screen and amount of impact it can withstand. The results of such a test can lead us to improvement in the quality of our products. Further, we wanted to prove that our products are as durable as we present on our websites.

Therefore we got in touch with SZÚ, a respected European organization dealing with testing, inspection, and certification. After the discussion with the authorities from SZÚ, we agreed to undergo the series of tests, that according to the webpage of SZU: “Measures the degrees of protection provided by enclosures for electrical equipment against external mechanical shocks (IK Code).” The testing process complied with EN62262 standard, which means, it is internationally authorized and respected. We successfully passed the tests, and as a result, we have received an official certificate, which states that our touch screens offer the protection corresponding with level IK08 (5 mm glass) and IK10 (3+3 mm).

What does it mean for our clients?

The IK code should be an essential criterion to consider before you decide to buy any component that will serve as the protection of electrical systems. The higher the degree of IK is, the more energy can the screen absorb without taking damage. The enclosures with IK08 are protected against 5 joules of impact, and IK10 are protected against 20 joules of impact. For example, dropping a 5kg heavy hammer from 40 cm height leaves no visible mark of physical damage on glass with IK10.

IK08 and above is recommended for fixtures that bear a potential risk of impacts, such as public areas internal and external, which could be subject to attempted vandalism. It is also beneficial to have a higher degree of protection in the industry (for instance, terminals for warehouse operators), where the risk of damage is higher. Or in the gaming world, where the angry customers could hit the electrical devices out of frustration.

With the results of the testing, we can assure all our partners and potential new customers, that with our products they obtain not just the component providing fantastic touch experience, but also excellent protection for their electric devices.