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PCAP Touch Foil

15. 7. 2021

PCAP touch foil is a skinny and transparent substance that can transform glass substrate or other non-conductive surfaces into an interactive touch screen. The foil is laminated to the backside of the glass, and it can detect the touch through a 10mm thick surface!

What does PCAP mean?

PCAP or PCT stands for projected capacitive, and it is the most popular technology that is being used to detect the touch. Smartphones, tablets, laptops all use touch screens based on the projected capacitive technology. The reason for their popularity is undeniable. Not only do they offer a truly natural and delightful user experience, multi-touch possibility, but they are also very familiar to users. 

How does PCAP Foil work? 

When we talk about PCAP touch foils, we usually mean mutual capacitance technology, which applies the phenomenon that most conductive objects can carry a charge if they are very close together. The touch panel is composed of a grid (array) where it consists of an X by Y array of traces, forming X*Y units of capacitors. It generates a mutual capacitance between the elements of the columns and rows. The controller measures each node independently, changing the distortion of the electric field of the touch position. Thus, it can detect more than one simultaneous touch and does not cause the ghost touches problem.

Typical Applications

PCAP touch foil offers almost limitless options for application. It can convert a shopping window into an interactive exposition, add a touch to an existing device like OOH displays and make them more attractive for passersby, or you can use it to create an interactive mirror and add a futuristic touch to your household! Whatever project or idea you have, feel free to contact us and we will help you to choose the right PCAP touch foil!