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Vandal Proof

7. 8. 2020

Outdoor Challenges | Vandal Proof 

Outdoor kiosks (or other devices) bear a potential risk of becoming the target of vandalism. If that happens, the kiosk owner must invest the time and money to repair the whole device. Therefore, for our customers' convenience and higher safety of the products, we use tempered, certified vandal-proof PCAP screens with impact resistance up to 10IK.

The IK Code

The IK code represents the degrees of protection provided by enclosures for electrical equipment against external mechanical shocks. Our custom PCAP screens have the official certification, complied with EN62262 standard, which states that our touch screens offer the protection corresponding with level IK08 (5 mm glass) and IK10 (3+3 mm). The higher the degree of IK is, the more energy the screen can absorb without taking damage. The enclosures with IK08 are protected against 5 joules of impact, and IK10 are protected against 20 joules of impact. For example, dropping a 5kg heavy hammer from 40 cm height leaves no visible mark of physical damage on the screen with IK10.

Reduce the repair and maintenance costs

The IK code should be an essential criterion to consider before deciding to buy an outdoor PCAP screen that will also serve as the front protection of the device. With the vandal-resistant PCAP screen, you reduce the likelihood of physical damage to your outdoor device and make it more durable. And if you make your device more resistant against impact, you also decrease the overall repair and maintenance costs.