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Smart Mirror

20. 3. 2020

For most people, interactive(smart) mirrors are futuristic concepts, which can be seen mainly in science fiction movies. However, with FORTES interactive, fiction can quickly become a reality! How is that possible?

At the ISE 2020 in Amsterdam, we presented the prototype of our brand new type of cover glass with the working title: Mirror Screen. This type of glass is the opposite of our standard products, where we focus on the lowest level of reflection possible.  Mirror Screen has a purposely increased level of reflection, so it can serve as a traditional mirror and hide a television or screen behind it. The Mirror Screen is using capacitive touch technology, which provide its users with an exceptional touch experience.

Another benefit is that we deliver to our customers a ready-to-use product, which is compatible with the most popular OS. All the integrator has to do is, connect the Mirror Screen to the television or screen and it is ready!

If you would like to receive more information about this brand new product, feel free to contact our sales representative: libor@fortesinteractive.com.