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Single-Touch or Multi-touch?

18. 2. 2020

If you have ever considered buying a touch sensor (either touch foil or touch screen), you may come across the terms single-touch and multi-touch. The difference between those two is pretty noticeable. Touch sensors with single-touch can only detect one touchpoint at the time. Which, in some cases, might be pretty beneficial. As you have probably already figured out, multi-touch can identify up to 40 simultaneous touch points (depending on the used technology, operation systems, and other variables). 

Which one should I choose? 
Most of the time, this question might be a little tricky. Maybe right now, you have a device with a simple UI, where you do not need more than one touchpoint. But what if I change the UI somewhen in the future? Will I have to buy a new controller for my touch sensor? 

With FORTES interactive, the answer is ....  NO!

What's great about the touch technology offered by FORTES interactive is that we provide just one type of controller! And you can choose how many simultaneous touchpoints you want, using our simple FORTouch driver! Changing the number of touchpoints was never easier. 

If you want to know the price of our touch technology, all you have to do is request the non-binding quotation! Or just ask for more information on the e-mail address: sales@fortesinteractive.com 

You are at the edge of a touch age!